Our Services

Engineering Services

Navante delivers on some of the technically complex projects in the most inhospitable environments, providing innovative solutions and services to overcome our client's challenges.

From complete turnkey engineering services that integrate with the other solutions in our portfolio, to individual

services for any phase of your project lifecycle, we apply practical experience and expertise to deliver solutions for any program, project or operation.

Included in the Engineering services provided but not limited to Concept & Feasibility Engineering Studies, Basic Engineering Design, Front-End Engineering Design, Detail Design Engineering, Systems Engineering & Integration, Plant Operation Optimization and Debottlenecking.

Fabric Maintenance

Neglected Fabric Maintenance often leads to more serious corrosion problems. Our integrated approach to fabric maintenance is what differentiates us in the market.

Our approach delivers huge cost and time savings to our customers through the utilization of our versatile rope access technique.

Our fabric maintenance services incorporate activities that maximize your asset uptime and prolong the useful life of the asset through interventions.


Navante is fully established to handle the Front End Design, Installation of production Facilities & Platform and process Facilities.

We also carryout survey and positioning support for Storage and/or Export Facilities e.g. Oil Terminals, Deport, Gas Plants and other Process Facilities, Jetties, FPSO Vessels and Offshore Scaffolding.

Building including Services stations, Civil works/ Building contracting, Road and Field Logistics Base Construction.

Procurement and Logistics Services

Navante's capability in the procurement, installation and supply of equipment include:
Generators of different capacities, Flanges, pipe, subsea cables and associated materials, automatic tank gauging systems, oil and gas metering systems, amongst others.

At Navante our unique relationship with several Original Equipment manufacturer (OEM) for both onshore and ofshore applications provides us with a strategic combination of know-how and access in meeting the unique needs of our clients.

Some of these OEMs include:
  • Blezona Polymerics
  • AVT Fittings
  • Petro Valves
  • Shiral Metal
  • Denair

Production Operations and Maintenance

Navante's blend of qualified operate and maintain teams are driven by the need to meet specified production targets. Navante will implement operations and maintenance philosophies as defined within the facility operations manuals, thereby providing optimisations where required to increase uptime and overall availability.

1. Production Monitoring

At Navante we have experience monitoring the operations of various facilities ( flow stations, booster stations, pipelines, wellhead platforms equipment, etc). The typical skill set our people have cover equipment in oil and gas facilities which include:

Crude Oil Pumps:
  • Test Separators
  • Production Separators
  • LP & HP Separators
  • Surge vessels
  • Flare systems(ESP)
  • Chemical Injection skids
  • Emergency shutdown systems
  • Instrument and measuring systems
  • Pig Launcher and receiver System
  • Export pipeline and appurtenances (Pig launcher/ receiver)
  • Gas dehydrating units (TEG or MEG Units)
  • Power Production units (Gas or Diesel Generators, Micro turbines)
  • Fire water systems
  • Christmas Tree
  • Wellhead Control Panel
Instrument Power Gas System
  • Electric Submersible Pump (ESP) transformer
  • Electric Submersible Pump (ESP)
  • Leased Automated Custody Transfer Skid
2. Maintenance

At Navante we place a premium on maintenance activities. The philosophy is driven by placing emphasis on effective routine preventive maintenance activities to minimise the occurrence of critical equipment breakdown.

Maintenance activities shall be split into the following set of activities:
  • Routine preventive maintenance
  • Breakdown Maintenance
3. Life Of Field Support

At Navante we provide lifecycle solution for field support. Our experienced team of flow assurance Engineers are available round the clock to respond to any issue.

Flow Assurance

Our Flow Assurance solutions enable constructible, installable and operate designs that minimise risks while maximising reservoir recovery.Our project involvement includes:

  • Complex Gathering Networks
  • Shallow Water Offshore Systems. Our people work within multi discipline project teams to actively support asset development and maintenance throughout its life cycle. Key flow assurance activities we support are:
  1. Steady State and Transient Multi phase modelling of single pipelines/networks.
  2. Detailed Well Modelling (Start-up, Shut-down, Well stability).
  3. Liquid Management in a Multi-phase Pipelines Network (Slugging, Slug Catcher Sizing, Pigging).
  4. Modelling of Pipelines Thermal Behaviour (Insulations, Active Heating).
  5. Thermal Testing and Validation • Solids Management ( Wax, Asphaltene, Hydrates, Sand).
  6. Corrosion/Erosion Analysis.
  7. Compositional Tracking Analysis (Commissioning Fluids, Chemical tracking, Gas Cap Modelling).
  8. Single Component Modelling.
  9. Overpressure Protection Studies Line pack, Water Hammer.
  10. Pre-Commissioning studies (Pipeline Comm., Well Offloading).
  11. Our team is also experience in providing Operations Readiness and Assurance support, which includes activities such as: Operations Engineering Support (Operations and Maintenance Philosophies and Strategies). Operability Reviews. Operations Readiness (Operating Procedures, O&M manuals, Training, Ready for Start Up (RFSU) planning)Life-cycle Production Operations Support (Including Initial Well Unloading, Benchmarking, Optimisation, Debottlenecking, Audits).

Mechanical Installations Services

Navante provides industrial plant and commercial process machinery installation service. Our experience and technical expertise means that we are able to install process and manufacturing machinery of all sizes and all capabilities, from blast furnace to precision and manufacturing machinery and everything in between.

As part of this service we also carry out preventive and remedial maintenance operations for clients from various sectors.

Our Engineers are highly trained in Mechanical Installations & Maintenance, and both our quality of service and safety procedures are paramount to our continued success.

We understand the need for fast and accurate installation and maintenance operations so we work closely with our clients to manage and schedule the most optimum and cost-effective installation.

Offshore/Onshore Pipeline Laying

Navante has the capabilities to install large distance pipeline, lateral and system expansions in highly challenging terrains, marshland to rocky outpost in Nigeria and around Africa.
We also provide EPC services for all phase of pipeline, helping clients make assessment and provide compliance advisory of projects.

We possess highly experienced local & international personnel and front line technology: we are well equipped to meet all demands of pipeline, process and energy industry efficiantly.

Our inspection services draws on extensive engaging of experienced professionals and technology coupled with in-field success. We have consistently identified anomalies, pipelines cracks, defection corrosion control, mapping and calibration, pipelines blockage and leaks where they exist.

Our core scope includes but not limited to:
  • Design & Engineering
  • Fabrication & Installation
  • Production facilities inspection/ Maintenance
  • Corrosion prevention control services (Cathodic Protection, Coating)

Onshore Pipelines/Storage Facility Maintenance

We also have the required expertise to provide a complete spectrum of field services. This includes Inspection & Maintenance of Pipelines & Storage Facilities, Pipelines Pigging, Surveying, Acquisition, GIS, Environmental Permitting, Inspection mapping, right-of-way/construction management and Pipeline Integrity Management.

Navante is fully staffed with flowline and pipeline Engineers with vast experience in installation, construction and maintenance services of oil field equipment.

Environmental Restoration Services

At Navante we have extensive experience in the preparation and implementation of practical and cost effective Environmental Restoration Services that are designed to achieve real benefits and costs savings.
When evaluating environmental performance it is essential to ensure the demonstration of a high level of regulatory compliance.

Our qualified experts undertake various types of assessments such as:

  • Environmental Impact assessment
  • Detailed Quantitative Risk Assessment
  • Remediation Action Plan
  • Regulatory compliance audits

Our restoration services include but not limited to;

  • Oil Spill Control/Clean up
  • Recovery & Remediation Services
  • Environmental Equipment Supplies
  • Environmental Education & Training
  • Environmental cleaning services
  • Baseline /Post impact Studies
  • Waste Management Technology
  • Offshore Environmental Services